Executive Team

John Marshall
Loves the outdoors. Former climber and backcountry guide turned triathlete and adventure racer. Now, an emerging “birder” and proud father of 2 Eagles (Scouts).
John MarshallCEO
Robert Huijsmans
Conforms to all the Dutch necessities; lives by his calendar, has wooden shoes, likes cheese, has a boat and loves football.
Robert HuijsmansVP Customer Experience
Kevin Dillon
Skydiving, parasailing, pilots license, bungee jumping, racing cars, mountain climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, adventure motorcycling - checking off life’s bucket list!
Kevin DillonVP Sales, Enterprise
 Amy Wang
Back to back fantasy football league champion, lost miserably in the third season after prematurely naming her team 3pete.
Amy WangCFO
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Griffin is a part time father to three daughters and a full-time father to one dog. To be honest, it's only partially true. If either of us, my wife is the full-time dog parent.
Daniel GriffinVP Marketing
Dave Knapton
Huge football fan (soccer) and Liverpool supporter. Lives by the team motto "You'll Never Walk Alone"
Dave KnaptonVP Sales, Account Mgmt & Ops
Reza Razavi
Younger me learned English mostly by playing PC adventure games and trying to understand Metallica songs lyrics
Reza RazaviCTO
Kashif Altaf
Survived a motorcycle crash and learnt a programming language while bedbound.
Kashif AltafVP Engineering
Jamey Miles
Has played ice hockey for 30 years and is still going strong!
Jamey MilesVP Sales, Strategic Accounts