How to Build a Very Large Banner Video Wall

Banner video walls are a vital tool for digital signage professionals. After all, banners are a very common way to display static signage. To make a banner video wall it is a matter of stitching together a series of displays in a row (horizontally) or in a column (vertically), and being able to do this, in theory at least, ad infinitum.

Can I really build an infinitely large banner video wall?

Perhaps you may think that as long as you have the space to put up the banner video wall, you can make it as large as you want. But the truth is that there are limitations (the good news is that there are ways around those limitations...but more on that later).

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What are video walls used for?

Video walls seem to be popping up everywhere these days. It isn’t hard to see why—they have been eye-catching and extremely engaging ever since they were first introduced in the 1980s, but back then their phenomenal cost limited them to a few specific applications. Modern technology has made video walls more cost-efficient; enabling their use for almost any application.

Engage audiences

Digital signs and billboards are highly engaging and work to catch the eye of passers-by like no other technology can. That allows them to deliver a commercial message quickly and effectively even amid the clamor of distractions, and it also allows them to deliver critical safety and directional information as well. This makes video wall technology ideal for a huge variety of industries and use-cases including retail, airports, hospitals, financial institutions, universities and educational settings, live events, hospitality and entertainment, and many more. They are also implemented in the service industry, particularly Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) as menus and interactive information board.

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LCD VS LED, which one to use?

Are you looking at embracing the video wall solution? Deciding on the display type to use might be an issue you need to resolve before embarking on the project. Nowadays, there are many display technologies out there in the market with each one trying to make its footprint!

LCD and LED are two technologies that have positively made a mark in the display world. A comprehensive look at the features and benefits of these two technologies could be of great help to video wall buyers towards making a choice that best meets their need.

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Mounting Artistic Video Walls


At this point we probably are all very familiar with the impact a video wall can generate. Gone are the days when people were easily “Wowed!” by digital signs and individual displays. Video walls have since taken over as the new tour de force in public display, digital signage and audience engagement.

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5 Key Tips for Successfully Deploying Your Video Wall

There are many variables that can make or break your video wall deployment. Being prepared is the best way to both impress your audience without breaking the bank. 

Here at Userful, we have helped hundreds of businesses deploy video walls, and have encountered just about every challenge, hurdle, roadblock--and opportunity there is.

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How to Make a Video Wall: 10 Tips

There are so many ways to plan and implement a video wall that it can be hard to talk about a single, standard traditional approach:

  • Some video wall vendors add video cards to PC's which are then used to control video walls.
  • Other video wall controllers are built on proprietary hardware with multiple built-in video outputs.
  • Another approach to deploying video walls is to synchronize multiple players on the back of each display.

Deploying a video wall can be an overwhelming experience, which is why Userful offers a solution that is simple, high performance and flexible.

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Reclaiming the "Wow Factor" of Modern Video Wall Solutions

Half of the purpose of using digital signage is capturing people’s attention. The other half is delivering powerful visual communication. But with the proliferation of digital displays, it’s harder and harder to get that magical "wow factor" in the digital signage space.

Common Approaches Restoring the "Wow Factor" by Implementing Video Walls

One way to get the wow factor back—and the focus of this article—is video walls. Video walls capture attention and provide a big canvas to communicate and promote brands in a unique way. Not surprisingly video walls are one of the fastest growing sub-sectors of the world of digital displays.

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Engaging Customers in Modern Retail with Video Walls

Consumer expectations are growing rapidly when it comes to in-store communications and engagement. Digital displays are crucial to providing the highest-quality consumer experience in today’s retail world and are used to attract, inform and inspire consumers. As digital displays in retail proliferate, more and more retailers are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and for ways to ensure their investment in digital displays has a strong ROI.

Video Walls in retail can address both of these vital requirements--offering a way to stand out from the crowd, draw in customers and promote a brand while at the same time providing an ideal platform for increasing sales. The Userful video wall controller is uniquely suited to ensuring a high ROI in retail environments.

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Why Artistic or Mosaic-style Video Walls are the Next Big Thing


Grid video walls are now becoming standard fare. You see them everywhere, and yet the whole point of a video wall is to ignite people's imagination and standout within the visual landscape. Today, if you're going to go to the expense of putting up a video wall, why not go the extra mile and make it something that truly captures attention and kindles the imagination?

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Userful Artistic Video Walls Chosen to Grace the Amalie Arena in Tampa Bay

Great news! Userful recently unveiled their latest deployment, an amazing set of artistic video walls at the Amalie Arena, home of the NHL's Tampa Bay Lightning, as well as the host venue to countless entertainment and sports events in Tampa Bay, Florida.

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