Things To Consider When Setting Up An Operations Center Or Control Room

In mission-critical operations, details matter. Even small reductions in response times and efficiency improvements can help mitigate the impact of incidents and even save lives. When setting up an op...
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AI Computer Vision for Operation Centers: Moving From Reactive to Proactive Situational Awareness

According to IDC, data generated from IoT cameras and sensors will amount to almost 80 zettabytes in 2025 up from 13.6 zettabytes in 2019. The challenge for control rooms and operation centers is to t...
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Why visual tools are the number one untapped key to digital transformation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has brought a wave of change, a wave of innovation and of disruption. It is often described as the ongoing automation of the world or the expanded use of smart technol...
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Seven trends that will change Operation Centers and Control Rooms in 2021 (with a little help from our friends at Gartner)

As we enter a new year, and close out a tumultuous year of challenges and changes, it's a great time to look ahead and share some thoughts on what we can expect in the near future. Below are the top s...
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How Userful Works with LED panels

Over the past few years, direct view LED walls have been rapidly growing in market share over the traditional LCD video walls. One reason for this change is that LED walls have dropped dramatically in...
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The Borderless Control Room

What you need to know to improve response times and work beyond the 4 walls of your Operation Center In today's world, all business operations have become borderless and the infrastructure for mission...
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How Userful lowers Total Cost of Ownership

A Competitive Cost-Analysis of Enterprise Display Deployments Total Cost of Ownership or TCO is a detailed estimation of direct and indirect costs of a project or product for the entirety of its lifet...
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Cutting-Edge Emergency Operations Centers

How leading EOC's maximize operational and resource efficiency Network-based technologies such as IoT, machine learning, and cloud computing are rapidly transforming control and operations center...
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COVID-19's impact on Business Operations

How COVID 19 has changed—and led to a digital transformation of—Operation Centers; namely: NOCs, SOCs, DOCsOver the past decade, cloud and network-based computing, Internet of Things (IoT), the m...
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How Userful helps organizations integrate thermal cameras | Part: 2

In part 1 of this blog, we described how thermal cameras and other new technologies will become second nature in the post-COVID world. For this part we'll showcase an example setup. We used a video ma...
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