RPT PopUp Portable Modular: Portable Video Wall Mounting

Digital displays are popping up everywhere. We have previously talked about how video walls are being used in all sorts of scenarios—from control rooms, to building lobbies, advertisement, retail, hospitality and entertainment, and even at tradeshows and conferences.

It is this last example that I wanted to talk about today. Tradeshows are events where companies showcase the newest and best of their product lines and attract potential customers to their booths. We all know how an amazing video wall can cut through the clutter and attract and engage audiences. This is why so many people are now including them in their booths.

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Mounting Artistic Video Walls


At this point we probably are all very familiar with the impact a video wall can generate. Gone are the days when people were easily “Wowed!” by digital signs and individual displays. Video walls have since taken over as the new tour de force in public display, digital signage and audience engagement.

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