Userful's Preset Remote Control feature on mobile deviceOne of Userful's great new features is "Preset Remote Control" which allows non-admin users to swiftly change content in a video wall with a simple touch of a button. They can use any connected device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, etc.), and make content changes without interruption or delay.

Now customers can have more freedom to showcase a wide variety of content and change it in real time. This feature is ideal for corporate lobbies, where receptionists can now quickly and easily change content based on the events of the day; or for supporting salespeople in retail, allowing staff to easily turn a video wall into a productive sales tool; or for control rooms or corporate meeting rooms allowing staff to quickly switch the content playing on the video wall.

It's great for any environment where administrators want to empower local staff to quickly and easily change video wall or digital sigange content. Learn more about this feature and watch a short video showing how it works.