Case study  University of Westminster

University of Westminster Leverages Userful to Improve Communication and Education

Video walls enable Staff and Students to seamlessly collaborate through visual content.
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The Challenges

The University of Westminster in the UK was looking to design and install a multiple video wall solution to display relevant information in their newly built fabrication lab. It would also have the feature to display from presenters’ laptops during presentations. Additionally, they wanted an easy way to broadcast relevant information that would work as a way of communicating with students and other users of the lab.

The key objective was to have an easy to use system that would allow a seamless workflow and that could be used by all members of staff.

The Solution

Dr David Scott, Director of the Fabrication Lab at the University of Westminster was in charge of the project and reached out to Scan Computers, a leading system integrator in the UK—and Userful’s partner—to design and install their system.

The team at Scan Computers quickly identified that the only solution that would be able to fulfill all the requirements of the project—unique video wall layout, small footprint, easy to install and use and supporting various types of content sources—was the Userful Visual Networking Platform.

The system consisted of three video walls—a main 2x4 wall and two 2x2 grid walls— distributed across the lab, all powered from the same Server, located away from the walls. The video walls provide educational content, ‘how-to’ videos, presentations, as well as videos and photos of student work, and also support remote video calls via the web. The system supports various means of communication for workshops, etc.

The Result

Dr. Scott and the fabrication lab’s team are really pleased with the system. In his own words, “the system helps us to communicate and educate, taking the essential time and effort off us when it is really needed.” and they have been most impressed with “how simple and effective the system is to suit our needs”.

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Quick Facts

An easier way to manage your digital display applications


1 PC can power >100 displays

Every display in the Userful Video Wall is connected to the network through a zero client device.


Stunning Deployments

Video walls can be arranged in any orientation, allowing for eye-catching, free flowing artistic layouts with individual displays rotated to any angle.


Flexible Content

Content can include up to 8k content, video, HTML5, 3D, live TV, full-screen browser, content from an integrated CMS, or even a desktop.


Simple Configuration

Configure either a single large video wall (including  LED wall), or a mix of smaller video walls and standalone displays.

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