Case study  Dataminr (USA)

Userful video wall in office lobby showcases Dataminr’s revolutionary worldwide news alert product.

Dataminr, a leading company in AI and machine learning innovation, discovers high-impact events and critical breaking information (by way of scouting the internet and social media outlets) across the globe way before it is in the news.

The Challenges

At their Washington D.C. office, Dataminr wanted to deploy a video wall in their lobby to showcase their brand and key services with Tuck Technologies, a D.C. area AV integrator, winning the project. One of the challenges faced when considering Dataminr’s video wall requirements was that the location of their video wall didn’t allow a video wall controller to sit next to the displays.

Tuck Technologies had experience with video walls in the past, but found them complicated, highly specialized and all too often not user-friendly. Also the video wall solutions they had worked with were expensive (with price tags of up to $40K) and often technical support was charge as extra from the initial investment.

The Solution

Tuck Technologies found Userful through a former employee and quickly knew that Userful was the best option for the project. As Stephen Lee, president of Tuck Technologies, points out “The ease of install and use was a key selling point. Userful is intuitive, and there is no need for the administrator to be an expert, or a high-level, IT professional’. Userful also had a great price point. As Lee puts it, “if someone building an office space can get a video wall, including monitors, for about $8k - $15k, as opposed to the $25k - $40 that other solutions cost, that is a no brainer”.

The content Dataminr wanted to put on the video wall was a network stream of the interactive application Dataminr have—a rotating image of the earth with social media and news flashes from around the globe. They installed the video wall at the front of the office with the purpose of showcasing Dataminr’s products for their visitors in a cool way.

And of course, Userful also allows Dataminr to have the host PC away from the video wall (eliminating the need for space to house the unit next to the wall). According to Lee, “the flexibility of delivering the video wall content via the network, and having the streamlined zero clients on-site, rather that having media players and controllers that take up a lot of space, is a great advantage to the Userful solution”.

The Result

The Dataminr project was a great success, and as Lee pointed out, “Userful hit all the right notes in this project. From the ease of install and use, to the flexibility of adding and managing content easily. Everyone involved has been very happy with the product, especially the part of being so cost-effective and easy to use and manage.”

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Quick Facts

An easier way to manage your digital display applications


1 PC can power >100 displays

Every display in the Userful Video Wall is connected to the network through a zero client device.


Stunning Deployments

Video walls can be arranged in any orientation, allowing for eye-catching, free flowing artistic layouts with individual displays rotated to any angle.


Flexible Content

Content can include up to 8k content, video, HTML5, 3D, live TV, full-screen browser, content from an integrated CMS, or even a desktop.


Simple Configuration

Configure either a single large video wall (including  LED wall), or a mix of smaller video walls and standalone displays.

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