Userful Control Center


The Control Center is a browser-based central management interface for administering the Userful software. It can be accessed over a Local Area Network (LAN) without an Internet connection. Some features such as licensing and system updates require Internet access. The Control Center can be accessed from any web browser on any system within the same network or over the Internet, provided you have proper port forwarding in place.

Administrators can manage and perform essential system operations from the Control Center.

Accessing the Control Center

There are several ways to access Control Center:

Using the IP Address

Enter the IP Address of the Userful server that you want to manage into your browser's address bar. The IP address is displayed at the bottom of the screen at the default startup screen after the first installation. If no welcome screen is present, the IP address should still be visible if a monitor is connected to the VGA port on the Userful server.

Using the Desktop shortcut

Log in to the Linux Desktop source. Using the top toolbar on the Desktop, click System > Administration > Userful Control Center.

Using Server Name

If your local network has been set up to route server names, you can use the Userful server's name (which may be easier to remember than IP address). For networks configured this way, simply open a web browser and enter the server name in the address bar.

Using localhost

If you are accessing Control Center from one of the displays attached to the Userful server, you can simply enter http://localhost in the browser address bar.

Control Center is compatible with all modern web browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported.


This page represents a snapshot of current system status, displays that are online or offline, sources and video walls created. Mapping provides the ability to "map" displays or video walls to "Sources" such as video playback or URL kiosks via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Please refer to Mapping for more information.


This page allows the user to manage events created within Userful. For a detailed overview on managing events, Please refer to Scheduling Events.


This page lists all the receiver devices (i.e, displays) that are connected to the Userful server, the administrator can give user-friendly names and location tags to displays thus making managing large numbers of displays easier. It also highlights the receiver device's model, firmware version, and speed. Please refer to Managing Displays for more information.


This page lists down all the functions that affect the entire system (i.e., the Userful server and all connected displays).

Please refer to Settings guide for more information.


This page allows users with required permissions to manage role-bassed access settings for Userful Control Center. Note that these users and settings only apply to the Userful Control Center and will not work  if used to log into a Linux Desktop source. See Users for more information


This section highlights general troubleshooting guidelines for Userful software.