Dashboard Video Walls: Key secret to better team productivity.

Team dashboards make staff more productive. Key information is available at a glance, and staff desktops are free for task specific work.

How it Works

Userful is a video wall solution that makes it easy and affordable to give teams and executives the displays they need to view multiple simultaneous dashboards and information sources.

The content displayed can be centrally controlled or it can be left to each team can to select the sources they need displayed.

With KPIs, dashboards and other vital information on a video wall, computer desktops are free for task specific work ensuring maximum efficiency.

What our Customers Say

"What I like about Userful is that not only did it fulfil all our requirements but it did so at a great price."


Ajoy Bhattacharya
Senior Director of Innovation and New Tech

“We are very happy with the product, easy to use and manage and very price-competitive...Plus it is a very 'set it and forget it', hands-off solution”

Tuck Technologies Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee
Vice President of Tuck Technologies


Zones, Multi-Window, Picture in Picture

One source across all screens, or break the video wall up into zones, multiwindow and picture in picture. Recall saved configurations, instantly changing the sources and layout.

Desktop Streaming

Display one or more desktops on the video wall with desktop streaming.

Interactive Viewer

Interact with sources displayed on the video wall: use a desktop to control the mouse and keyboard of the browser on the video wall.

Cloud Management

Central control or local control: use the cloud to control video walls across multiple offices or give teams local control.

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