Userful Management Module

The Userful Management Module is an optional add on to any Userful On-Premise deployment. It allows customers to centrally manage all Userful servers and displays through the cloud. It includes Userful’s Light CMS feature as well as advanced control features for interacting with content sources in real time either locally or through the cloud.


Cloud Based Access to Management Tools

With all Userful’s management tools online it’s easy to remotely administer a Userful deployment or to manage multi-site deployments world-wide.

Login to your Userful account for an at a glance view of all Userful On-Premise servers. From here customers can easily access all Userful’s control and management features from display mapping and configuration to storage settings and content sources.



Light CMS Features

Scheduling allows customers to schedule changes to content sources as well as how the sources are displayed (zones, multi-window, picture in picture etc) based on time of day or day of the week.

Centralized Content Management allows administrators to upload and manage video and other content through the cloud.

 Interactive Viewer

Allows any operator to use a browser as the mouse and keyboard controller for the video wall--or for any zone within the video wall. Operators can simultaneously interact with one display, video wall or zone within a video wall or several. Watch this short video to learn more about Interactive Viewer.

Interactive Viewer can be accessed via the cloud or offline within the local area network

 Preset Switcher

Preset Switcher allows customers to create and save multiple source configurations across all screens connected to one Userful server. Staff or administrators can then invoke those presets with a single touch on a smartphone or tablet.

Preset Switcher can be accessed either via the cloud or offline within the local area network.

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