Userful Logos

We proudly present Userful's corporate identity program. We believe our logo represents our values and our mission. It's a fresh, up-to-date representation of the value we want to bring to our users. We hope you like it.

The logos on this page are offered to members of the press as a convenience for lawful use with proper permission from the copyright and/or trademark holder only. Before you use or reproduce this artwork in any manner, you agree to obtain the express permission of the copyright and/or trademark holder. Failure to obtain such permission is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws. Use of these Images without permission of the trademark owners is prohibited.

Gradient Colours

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Black and White

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Using the Logo

It is important to maintain the integrity of the logo. We therefore ask that anyone considering use of the logo keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • The logo should use only the "official" logo colors listed on this page
  • Any scaling must retain the original proportions of the logo
  • Other than the variations listed here, the logo may not be modified in any way
  • Additional text may not be added in such a way that it appears to be part of the logo itself

About the Mark

The Userful logo consists of the logotype and the mark. The mark represents what Userful is about ... a community coming together as one. The mark is made up of four "users" rotated and linked together that represent the "computer users" coming together under one purpose.

This logo has been developed to promote high visibility of the mark balanced with clear legibility of the name. The relationship (size, positioning, etc.) of these elements should never be altered in any way. Whenever possible, the logo should appear in its full colour horizontal; version. When the full colour horizontal version cannot be used, a vertical version is available, as well as all black or all white versions.

Vertical Version

While the horizontal logo is the preferred version, there is also a vertical version of the logo provided to give greater flexibility for all applications. It may only be reproduced in the colours listed on this page.

The Symbol

The symbol may appear without the Userful text when used as a graphic element or imagery. It is a dynamic mark that will work well in both print and web. It may only be reproduced in the colours listed on this page. However if the symbol appears without the Userful text, the full Userful branding (logo & text) must appear elsewhere on the printed material. e.g., Userful allows co-branding, but the Userful symbol (without text) cannot be used in such a way that it appears to be part a symbol belonging to another bran

Area of Isolation

The Userful logo is a clean and strong mark and should be treated with respect in all usages. A minimum amount of white space around the logo is required. For the minimum amount of white space required, use the width of the "u" in Userful as the unit by which to measure white space on all sides of the logo. The area of isolation protects the logo from other imagery, graphic elements, and page trim. Only the web site address or the tagline may be placed closer to the logo.

Size of the Userful Logo

Depending on usage, the size of the logo will change. Let good taste be your guide in sizing the Userful logo. The logo should be sized for clear legibility with the minimum amount of white space around it. This will often be more visually appealing than a logo that is sized too large for the space available, making it cluttered and harder to read.

Black/White Versions

The logo is also available in a black or white version. These versions should be used in place of the original full colour logo when background color or photographic backgrounds make the original logo illegible.

Trademark Notice

The Userful logo must always appear with the common law mark ( TM ). The trademark notice is aligned to the top right of the letter "L". This is standard in both versions of the logo. The colour of the notice should always be the colour of the Userful text.

Userful Colours

Pantone Colour Values

Blue: 2945 EC
Red :  1805 EC
Green: 356 EC
Orange: 1375 EC

RGB Colour Values

Red: BE1E2D
Blue: 1B75BB
Orange: F6921E
Green: 009345