Why you need a video wall for your control room

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Video walls are a vital part of just about any control room.

Companies use control rooms for team collaboration, troubleshooting, problem solving and management oversight.

They help teams ensure safety, they help monitor security compliance enact change management, maintain network security and performance.

Control rooms help in quality assurance and policy monitoring, there’s an almost endless list of key functions for control rooms today.

One thing just about all control rooms share is the need to share information and collaborate on decisions based on that information.

We live in an age of data and information.

Control room operators need to access multiple real time data sources simultaneously and they need flexibility to choose exactly which particular data source, dashboard or source of information is important at any given moment.

They need a visualization tool that allows for collaboration and they need maximum flexibility in how it’s used.

This is why control rooms need video walls.

Take the example of a telecommunications provider. In order to minimize downtime for TV, internet or phone service they need to monitor and sometimes study a wider variety of data sources:

  • Weather forecast - to prepare, or act upon, any weather-related failures.
  • TV channel ratings and programming - to make informed business decisions on media distribution contracts.
  • Bandwidth and connectivity - to make sure there aren’t any interruptions or slow service.
  • Social media - to improve customer engagement and communication and provide a better customer service.
  • And more data sources relevant to their specific needs.

How can the operations staff in this control room make sense of all of this?

They need to use various simultaneous dashboards and data sources to display data in a sensible way and then they need a video wall to display everything in a way that allows operators and staff to see what they need to, identify the challenges of the day and collaborate on solutions.

This example of a telecommunications company is representative of so many different industries that need to monitor their infrastructure, anticipate problems before they have an impact, solve vital business challenges on the fly.

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Whether it’s Law Enforcement, Surveillance, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Data centers, Network Operations Centers, Transportation or Utility companies, organizations with mission critical responsibilities need control rooms and control rooms need video walls.

Video walls are quite simply the best way to visualize data and information it and work on it together to make collaborative decisions.

They are the perfect platform for displaying multiple input sources and allowing operators to change those input sources, or resize them as needed on a large bank of synchronized displays.

Video walls do this by allowing administrators to display different sources simultaneously using zones or multi-windows.

Without a video wall each team member in the control room may be isolated in a silo using different information when trying to make joint decisions or recommendations.

By having a video wall, all the necessary information is shared and seen by everyone, and of course team members can easily reference it during discussions and decision making.

Whether you have web-based dashboards, spreadsheets, video, or image, real time video streams, live web streams, you need a video wall that can supports as many types of content sources as possible.

You also need a video wall that gives you the flexibility to change content sources and zone layouts on the fly.

Once your organization realizes it needs a video wall, the next step is ensuring it gets one that meets all the team’s needs and can be delivered without breaking the bank.

While there may be some companies that don’t care about costs and the bottom line, for everyone else, there are flexible, powerful and cost effective solutions such as Userful.

Userful turns a standard PC into a high performance video wall controller.

It uses the network to connect to displays ensuring ease of use and set up and a cost effective price point.

Userful gives operators flexibility on the content they are able to display.

For example, it allows you to have as many multiple independent web browsers as your processor can handle displayed simultaneously on multiple zones (or multi-windows) on your video wall.

There’s just about no content you can’t put on a video wall including local desktops and remote network based content.

Userful makes it easy to interact with content on a video wall allowing operators to control the mouse and keyboard from a desktop or even a tablet.

For more on how Userful makes it cost effective and simple to deploy a control room video wall, watch this comprehensive on demand webinar which includes a product demonstration and video clips to illustrate how easy it is to use the solution.

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