Control rooms NOCs & SOCs

Mission critical performance while lowering your deployment costs

Since 2015, mission critical businesses worldwide have been using Userful to lower their deployment and maintenance costs by up to 40%.

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Redefine your Control Room with Userful

Old  Traditional AV

Using traditional AV solutions in control rooms or operation centers will force you to integrate multiple independent AV hardware components and rely on complex decentralized architectures to achieve your video wall requirements.

Conventional AV-over-IP requires extra hardware:
Encoders Decoders AV switches Processors


New  Standards Based Hardware and Software

Remove the need for proprietary hardware by replacing it with one standard, commercially available server that connects your multiple AV sources directly to your video wall screens across the network. For high-availability add second failover server.

Get the same mission-critical performance, without the complexity of traditional video wall solutions.

  • Minimize potential points of failure in your system
  • Reduce your total costs on proprietary AV hardware, cabling, and power.
  • Reduce maintenance burden of dealing with many hardware life cycles.
  • Simplify troubleshooting by leveraging standard-based systems.


Join The Future Of

By leveraging standard-based systems and the adaptability of software, your solution will not only be constantly updated with new feature releases, but also have major upgrades and innovation without having to replace a single piece of hardware.

It’s time to rethink how traditional AV hardware constraints limit your technology potential and future growth.

Learn more about Standards based AV-over-IP  

Reliable and secure

PC/Server in secure location, and fully locked down software ensure security and peace of mind.


Unlimited Sources

Add any content source (Native Web Browsers, VNC , RTSP/RTP etc.) at no extra cost.


Failover Server

Reduce down time and increase availability with a second fail-over server.


24/7 Support

Increase uptime and troubleshoot issues with our 24 hour support team.


Intuitive interface

Simplifies collaboration and interaction on the information at all times.



Reduce deployment costs by removing the need for proprietary hardware.

drag and drop managment

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Schedule a customized demo with a Userful specialist who will create a display setup based around your project requirements.

Key Features

Get the most out of your Control Room


Drag And Drop

Turn your video wall or LED wall into a large canvas and intuitively place windows free form to create your custom workspace, in real time. Full control from a browser, no apps required.

"We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability"

Chuck Reed, VP of Operations Lightbound


Role Based Access Control

Designate and restrict specific features based on custom teams. Assign users to groups based on team membership or individual roles.

NEW  Recently Added in Userful 10.3 Release

"From a technical standpoint, it was the most modern way to present a video wall and the most flexible."

Sean Loosier, Solution Developer


Advanced Layouts & Scaling

Quickly spread windows across multiple displays or compare sources side by side, create pre-defined layouts and switch between them with one click.

 Features   Multi-window Picture-in-picture Zones ETC.

“Being able to access the control panel from anywhere allows us... to show clients data while being able to manipulate it on the go.”

Ajoy Bhattacharya, Senior Director of Innovations


Multiple Information Sources

Enhance decision making and compare multiple dashboards through the ability to integrate any data source. Display as many simultaneous browser windows as needed.

 Supports   Live Data Camera Feeds Dashboards Desktops ETC.

“The greatest benefit has been that it has helped us win valuable accounts because it’s so impressive to prospects"

David Leidy, President of Spectrum VoIP



Learn why On-Premise Enterprise is the best choice for your control room deployment.

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