Corporate Communication

Centrally manage internal communication & empower team members

Userful’s platform streams video, dashboards, KPIs, and other information sources with the flexibility for local or central control.

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Redefine Corporate Communications

Digital signs, video walls, and other networked displays are now a cornerstone of corporate communications and employee engagement.

With an influx of data and information sources paired with increasing emphasis on employee engagement, companies need a platform that delivers visual content, supports both new and legacy corporate communication tools, operates globally, and allows both local and central control.

  Userful's Visual Networking Platform  

Instead of deploying multiple siloed solutions for visual applications, Userful’s Visual Networking Platform allows IT teams to roll out a single platform able to stream any content source anywhere onto any display at any time and in real-time. From dashboards and KPIs to video of unlimited resolution, from video conferencing to corporate messaging and social media streams, Userful makes it easy to share content across an organization no matter how many locations, or how few.

With Userful's Visual Networking Platform:
  • Reduce bandwidth consumption with Userful’s CDN capability
  • Centrally control the level of local autonomy for displaying content
  • Mirror content globally to ensure unified communications
  • Reduce management burden with a single platform
  • Reduce management and security risks with a single global software and IP based solution
  • Reduce security risks
Companies rely on Userful's Visual Networking platform

  4.5 stars Independent G2 reviews


Simplify video and content streaming with AV-over-IP

By leveraging standard-based systems and the adaptable software, Userful eliminates the use of proprietary AV hardware by ensuring customers have a solution that is:

  • Constantly updated with new feature releases
  • Has the benefits of major upgrades and innovations without having to replace any hardware

Userful enables IT teams to eliminate the constraints that traditional AV hardware is putting on their technology potential and future growth.


Reliable and Secure

Server in a secure location, and fully locked down software ensure security and peace of mind.


Unlimited Sources

Add any content source (Native Web Browsers, VNC , RTSP/RTP etc.) at no extra cost.


Cloud Managed

Manage and centrally control content through the cloud. No apps required, all interfaces browser-based.


Eliminate downtime and minimize bandwidth

Userful’s architecture eliminates the risk of single-point failures and ensures customers are able to reduce bandwidth consumption.


Flexible Server Options

Userful ensures maximum flexibility with options for cloud, on-premise or data center servers or a hybrid mix, with all deployments globally managed through the cloud.


Future Proof

Streaming technology ensures compatibility for both future and legacy applications as well as for legacy displays and video walls.



Reduce deployment costs by removing the need for proprietary hardware.


24/7 Support

Increase up-time and troubleshoot issues with our 24 hour support team.


Corporate Communication Applications

Data and Dashboards
For Teams

Teams need to keep an eye on multiple metrics simultaneously from sources as diverse as the company CRM and international exchange rates to local weather.

Meeting rooms and huddle rooms
For Meetings

Empower teams with easy to use tools collaboration for meeting rooms and huddle rooms.

Corporate Digital Signage
For Customers

Digital signage is a proven way to engage an audience and deliver a message. Use displays to help communicate, inform, and motivate your team.

Team walls
For Teams

Give individual teams the ability to customize their own dashboards and KPIs to track metrics and motivate team members.

Entertainment in employee lounges
For Employees

Improve the staff break rooms with entertainment screens that can also be used for corporate messaging.

Screens for executive offices
For Management

Empower business leaders with video walls or displays that can be used to share their ideas clearly and easily, doubling as KPI Dashboards.

Key Features

Get the most out of your Corporate Communication Solution


Emerald signage feature

Any source, including secure local sources

Offering some of the widest content source flexibility in the market from corporate signage created within the built-in Emerald CMS or available integrations to secure authenticated dashboards, local HDMI sources, network streams, desktops, and more. Truly any content can go up!


Any display, any content

Deploy any content onto any display or combination of displays from LCD screens to LED walls. 

  Give your team the information they need.

“Userful has helped my team save so much time with the ability to easily and centrally manage content.”

IT Manager , Adpearance


Global scheduling using your browser

Manage content and schedule changes to one or multiple locations using Userful’s platform no matter where you are in the world.

 Schedule:  hourly / daily / weekly / monthly / yearly

“One of the things we like best about Userful, besides being able to fulfill all the unique requirements of this project, is that it's a very simple solution”

Sean Miller, Director of Technical Operations


Drag And Drop

Turn any display or video wall or LED wall into a large canvas and intuitively place content sources free form to create a custom workspace, in real time.

"We use it as a credibility piece with our prospects... to show our capability"

Chuck Reed, VP of Operations Lightbound


Role Based Access Control

Designate and restrict specific features based on custom teams. Assign users to groups based on team membership or individual roles.

New  Recently Added in Userful 10.3 Release

"From a technical standpoint, it was the most modern way to present a video wall and the most flexible."

Sean Loosier, Solution Developer


Global Management

Use a single platform for all your display applications, worldwide—with full and real-time control of every location, with Userful's cloud-based management tools.

 Centrally manage deployments from any remote location.

“The system is intuitive and easy to set up. The cost is remarkably affordable for just about anybody.”

Dave Caruso, Project Manager at ASI


Display Mirroring

Source replication allows customers to display the same content at the same time on any mix of displays and video walls throughout an office or even around the world, replicated from just a single source.

"Ease of use for end users and upfront cost savings make Userful unique and highly attractive for our customers."

Marielle Crisanti, Marketing Manager at Matrix


Userful Offers a Range of Options to Meet all Visual Display Application Needs

Userful API

Use Userful’s API to tie into other corporate communication tools and third-party applications from Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things.

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