Digital Signage Solution

Any content, anywhere, any time, any screen—at a significant cost reduction

Userful’s Visual Networking Platform streams video, images, websites, dashboards, menus, CMS content, or applications onto any screen worldwide in real-time.

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  São Paulo, Brazil — Retail Chain  Riachuelo

key benefits

An easier way to manage your digital display applications


Create unique experiences using any display

Display any content you create at any resolution onto any screen or group of screens from video walls and LED walls to single LCD screens and smart displays.


Future Proof and Near-Universal Compatibility

With our streaming technology, ensures compatibility for all your applications. You are not only solving your problems today, but your needs for the future.


No apps: Everything is centrally managed from a browser

Manage and centrally control content and displays through a browser. Check uptime, get reports, set permission levels, and interact with displays in real-time.


Upload your own content or use the built-in content creation tools

Upload ultra-high resolution images and videos, or even enable staff to create content from the 300+ templates available to easily create engaging content.


Eliminate downtime and minimize bandwidth

Reduce bandwidth consumption. Failover option ensures that there is no single point of failure in any deployment, reducing the risk of downtime.


Targeted content management and permissions 

Global distribution meets local control. Targeted content to large sets of displays with tagging, while also controlling access to the right people for changing content on their displays.

Companies rely on Userful's Visual Networking platform

  4.5 stars Independent G2 reviews

Key Features

Get the most out of your Digital Signage


Any display, any content

Deploy any content onto any display or combination of displays from LCD screens to LED walls. Your imagination is the limit.

  Craft an experience your visitors deserve.

“Userful has helped my team save so much time with the ability to easily and centrally manage content.”

IT Manager , Adpearance


Multiple simultaneous sources

Create engaging layouts using multiple simultaneous content sources in any configuration required.

Mutli-source  Add multiple sources of the same aspect ratio to a single display or video wall.

"With Userful's Simple Setup, we got it going with very little training or specialized expertise"

Rajiv Dwarika CFO of the DoubleTree, Hilton


Global scheduling using your browser

Manage content and schedule changes to one or multiple locations using Userful’s platform no matter where you are in the world.

 Schedule:  hourly / daily / weekly / monthly / yearly

“One of the things we like best about Userful, besides being able to fulfill all the unique requirements of this project, is that it's a very simple solution”

Sean Miller, Director of Technical Operations


Unlimited displays in any configuration

Unleash your creativity with multiple displays in a single video wall through any configuration or aspect ratio such as banners, columns, and unique video walls.

Any angle rotation Color calibration Flexible Aspect Ratio

"With Userful basically we can install it once, and then simply add as many displays as we need to increase the size of the video wall"

Nick Nichols, President of Keywest Technology

Emerald Signage Feature

Widgets and Integrations

Keep content fresh by leveraging self-updating widgets and web content sources like social media content, news, weather, any RSS feed or bring in owned secure local sources available through the platform infrastructure.


Emerald Signage Feature

Canvas content creator

Enable anyone to create new content from over 300 templates - corporate announcements, new product promotions, health guidelines, restaurant menu boards, events and much more!


Learn more about Userful's product and which is the best choice for your digital signage deployment.

Centrally managed

All your screen applications powered from a single platform.

Easily expand your digital signage to other business applications.

Digital signs, video walls, self-serve-kiosks, show rooms, operation centers, VR/AR experiences and many other unique screen applications can all be powered using Userful’s Visual Networking Platform. No more independent systems, no more maintenance complexity.


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