A Powerful Video Wall Controller, Cost-effective & Easy to Use

Get mission critical performance while lowering your total video wall costs by up to 40%

Video Wall Controller: PC/Server and the Network for an easy-to-use, affordable solution

Many organizations seeking high performance video walls turn to proprietary servers or controllers. All too often the results are disappointing: a high price tag for a complicated solution that is difficult to manage and isn’t able to grow with the customer’s needs.

Userful is Different

Userful is a software driven solution with an easy to use drag and drop user interface for everything you need to do. By using an off the shelf PC/Server plus the network instead of expensive, proprietary hardware, Userful saves money.

Userful is not just a video wall solution but a Visual Networking Platform used to drive and manage a both the video walls and the networked displays used for operational productivity, business communication, collaboration and customer engagement.

How it Works

Userful's software takes an off-the-shelf PC/Server and turns it into a high-end video wall controller. It includes all the key features to quickly and easily control and display multiple content sources on the video wall in a flexible way. Manage and control the solution through the cloud or for sites with no internet connection, using the Local Area Network (LAN).

All the high-end features needed for control and command center video wall applications at the best price point.

To determine the right video wall for your use-case, refer to our free eBook:


"Any source, anywhere on any display at any time"

Userful has all the features of traditional video wall controllers and more.

But it’s more flexible, more scalable, more affordable, and a whole lot easier to set up and use.


Command and Control Module

Drag and drop conent sources anywhere on your video wall and manipulate them in real-time.

A Video Wall Controller for your Needs

Control Rooms

Video Wall

Ensure informed decision with accurate monitoring and surveillance.

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Digital Signage

Video Wall

Attract attention and get deeper customer engagement with interactive displays.

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Artistic Deployments

Video Wall

Create one-of-a-kind video walls with unlimited layouts and steal the show.

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Office Video Wall

Video Wall

Display real-time data and information throughout the office and meeting rooms.

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Marielle Crisanti
Ease of use for end users and upfront cost savings make Userful unique in the market and highly attractive for our customers.
Marielle Crisanti
Marketing Manager at Matrix Communications
Dave Caruso
The system is intuitive and easy to set up. The cost is remarkably affordable for just about anybody.
Dave Caruso
Project Manager at ASI
Ajoy Bhattacharya
What I like about Userful is that not only did it fulfill all our requirements but it did so at a great price.
Ajoy Bhattacharya
SD of Innovation and New Tech

Results from Our 2018 Survey

Userful Is Easy-To-Use and Affordable

In a 2018 survey 85% of Userful customers say it's "easy to manage" or "very easy to manage" when compared to other solutions they have used.

In a 2018 survey, 58% of Userful customer say Userful was 1/2 the cost or less than other display management solutions they considered for their project.

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Common Questions about the Userful Video Wall Controller

What is a video wall controller?
A video wall controller takes the content from an input source, splits it into different sections, and sends each section to its corresponding screen. They also have management interfaces for easier administration and configuration of display content. For example, the Userful video wall solution includes an intuitive browser-based management console that allows users to perform more advanced tasks, such as bezel correction, display pixel-alignment, and color calibration, as well as providing a platform to design unique artistic, mosaic-style displays.