You Don't Need a Video Wall Controller, You Need a Video Wall Platform

With Userful’s platform, get all the functionality of a video wall controller without the complexity and limitations of the hardware. Join the era of software-powered video wall controllers and save up to 50% of your total costs.
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Lower Your Total Costs

Get an edge with a software-based video wall controller

Bring more efficiency to your video wall with Userful’s software.

Reduce significantly your hardware maintenance, get remote troubleshooting, seamless upgrades, and a reduction in the total cost of your solution of up to 50%*

*Compared with traditional video wall controller solutions with the same features and requirements.

Total Cost Of Ownership
Userful Standards-Based Solution
Traditional Video wall Controllers

Cut Down on Unnecessary Hardware

Why would you buy a traditional video wall controller and all the additional hardware that you need to make it work if you don't really need it?

Simplify your systems with Userful's platform and replace up to 90% of traditional hardware, with an elegant software solution.
Total Deployment Hardware
Userful Standards-Based Solution
Traditional Video wall Controllers
Userful Platform
Traditional video
wall controllers
Desktop Streaming
Custom Presets
Interactive Viewer
Flexible Layouts
Cloud Management
Command & Control

Do more with less using Userful's platform

With Userful you get more features than traditional video wall controllers and best of all.
You also get any new features added to our software in the future.

Architectural Comparaison

Userful Platform vs. Traditional Video Wall Controllers

Slide the green bar back and forth to see how much simpler Userful makes a video wall deployment.

drag & drop Management

See & feel how easy it is to use

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Show any source on your video wall at any time, and in real time

Deploy any source anywhere onto any screen at any time, and in real time.

 Available sources with a on-premise server are virtually unlimited and include:

RDP RTP RTSP Web Browser VNC HTML5 Video Network streamed sources Integrated CMSs 4k 8k data from AI and IOT HDMI and SDI capture and more

 Available sources with a Cloud server are virtually unlimited and include:

HDMI Capture (HDCP Compliant) Network Streamer ∞ Resolution video Light use of Web Browser

Userful API

Easily change content displayed in real time

Userful's intuitive management tools make it easy to change content sources in real time. Or trigger content changes or other events using Userful's powerful API.

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