Video Wall Processor with Unlimited Scalability.

Userful software turns a standard PC into a powerful browser managed video wall processor.

A Video Wall Processor for Every Use

By using a standard PC/Server instead of proprietary hardware, Userful delivers a solution that's easy to set up and manage, has rock solid security, is easier to support and is more affordable up front. 


Userful makes it easy and affordable to deploy stunning video walls for every need.

Artistic layouts and unique one of a kind configurations

Very large video walls

Deployments with odd aspect ratios and odd size

Deployments with highly demanding content

Video walls with multiple content sources

Interactive video walls

How is Userful different?

Video walls are an ideal way to engage with customers, transform a space, display information, promote a brand, or catch attention. They are a versatile tool with many diverse use cases, but they often require a large number of displays, use odd aspect ratios, require interactivity, or display multiple content sources which makes them both expensive to deploy and difficult to manage.

Userful changes that. You can now get a video wall of any kind for a reasonable price and deploy it without headaches and run it without specialized expertise and training. Userful makes it easy for anyone to deploy a stunning video wall.

How Does Userful Work?

Our software appliance turns a standard PC into a cloud managed video wall processor that connects to displays over the network. This maximizes the performance of the processor and allows for the display of up to 8k video content and 100+ screens. It also maximizes the number and range of content sources that can be displayed. Userful can pull content from the network, from one of several integrated Content Management Systems, from PC itself or from local sources captured from HDMI or SDI.

Userful’s cloud management option includes centralized content management allowing you to upload content once and share it across multiple screens anywhere in the world. Our scheduling tool allows customers to schedule changes to both the content and the layout of the display.  

 Lifetime Value

Take advantage of new features and functionality with every new software update.

To learn more about video walls available on the market—and determine the right one for your use-case—download our free eBook:


Key Features


Command and Control Module

Drag and drop conent sources anywhere on your video wall and manipulate them in real-time.

Control Rooms


Ensure informed decision with accurate monitoring and surveillance.

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Digital Signage


Attract attention and get deeper customer engagement with interactive displays.

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Artistic Deployments


Create one-of-a-kind video walls with unlimited layouts and steal the show.

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Office Video Wall


Display real-time data and information throughout the office and meeting rooms.

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