Live Webinar

AV-over-IP for the Enterprise - Converging AV and IT

Date & Time:
 August 13 @ 8:00am & 3:00pm (Pacific Standard) GMT-7

In the AV world hardware-based, integrated systems have been the norm. But networks have evolved, and the cost of networking has come down so much that the ability to deploy visual services across them is now a reality.

Through AV-over-IP, all the features and functions that have been used in the world of IT and internet protocol are now available today for pro AV. Understanding both sides of this equation is a key differentiator in the evolution of AV.

In this webinar we’ll provide insight about key aspects of both AV and IT from the perspective of AV-overIP solutions.

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • Understand AV-over-IP solutions, like the Userful Visual Networking Platform
  • Understand why AV-over-IP is key for the enterprise of the future
  • Understand the advantages of software-based AV-over-IP solutions for the enterprise

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