on-Demand Webinar

Health & Safety Signage: Preparing For a Safe Return To The Workplace

How to Make Employees Feel Confident Their Workplace Is a Covid-safe Environment

As employees start coming back to the office, many organizations face the challenge of making employees feel confident their office is a covid-safe environment.

This webinar will cover how HR departments can prepare for a safe return to the workplace and how corporate digital signage can be leveraged to more effectively communicate and amplify a health and safety communication strategy and new procedures across different communal areas of the workplace.

In this webinar attendees will learn:

  • Why companies are preparing to re-opening the workplace
  • How to effectively deploy new health and safety measures
  • How to leverage corporate digital signage as a way to inform, prevent and react

Presented by:


Daniel Hurtado
Product Manager, Userful


Uche Nwosu
HR Manager, Userful