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The “magic” of Userful’s API - Customizing your digital display deployments through programmatic integration

Date & Time:
 July 30 @ 8:00am & 3:00pm (Pacific Standard) GMT-7

The digital transformation and the rise of visual services has brought a whole universe of applications to play. Unfortunately, interoperability isn’t always a possibility and API’s provides an outlet to bring these applications together into a unified platform.

The Userful API is a powerful tool that allows System Integrators and end-customers integration of AI, IoT, external devices and other digital applications to Userful’s Visual Networking Platform for efficiently managing and operating your digital display solution.

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • Understanding how an API works within the AV world
  • Learn the range of possibilities that Userful’s API provides
  • Understanding the advantages of integrating all point-solutions into a single management platform (vs. managing each individually)

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