Userful integrates Display5 digital signage into their revolutionary video wall controller

Flexible, powerful and easy to use video wall controller and digital signage combination provide greater content control to users, at affordable price.

December 12th, 2016 (Toronto and Calgary - Canada) - Userful Corporation, an industry-leader in digital display software, and Display5, the powerful HTML5 Digital Signage solution for media delivery announce the integration of their two platforms.

Userful is the first video wall controller to deliver 8k content in real time over the network and the first to support multiple, independent video walls from a single, standard PC with no specialized video cards required. By integrating with Display5's CMS and Player, users have control over the design, location and display timing of content.

“We are really excited to integrate Display5's CMS into Userful. This powerful combination, not only is lightweight, flexible and affordable, it also allows users to deploy high-quality video walls and digital signage, with full control of their content”, says Tim Griffin, CTO of Userful. “Display5 helps users take full advantage of Userful's support for multiple content source simultaneously, making them a great option for any use case”.

Paul Gragtmans, President stated, “Our integration with Userful allows our customers to deploy cost effective and creative video wall implementations. Display5 gives customers a single CMS to create canvases for Digital signs, video walls and room booking panels. One CMS, multiple form factors of display. Together, Display5’s capability to create and play video wall canvases of any size, easily and instantly, and Userful’s cost effective and powerful zero client technology solution to drive the video wall display make a very powerful combination.”

Userful turns a standard PC into a high end video wall controller that delivers content over the network. With Display5, customers have an intuitive and low cost video wall and signage solution where they can control their content from any browser. The solution utilizes a standard Ethernet connection to drive up to 60 displays from a single PC, eliminating much of the proprietary hardware and IT costs traditionally associated with video walls. Both technology platforms are natively browser based, which makes investing in these technology platforms a good bet on the evolution of the technology of connected devices.

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About Userful

Userful builds an industry leading software appliance for AV & IT professionals to easily control large numbers of displays and interactive content sources from any browser. Userful sits between content and displays providing AV over IP and hundreds of other features. Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and video walls and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market. Userful is the trusted provider of over 1 million displays in over 100 countries.

About Display5

Display5 specializes in building a platform for communicating via digital screens to the occupants of common areas: buildings, campuses, cities, etc. Anywhere where people congregate is an opportunity to communicate your message: Your own digital signage show; A live Town Hall address; Emergency notification; or updates on the status of your facility. We love and take pride in our work. Ease of use and powerful capabilities are our highly valued goals to allow you to create stunningly designed Shows or switch the use of the screens for another purpose in an instant.


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